A metropolis that counts... a lot!

If your business contributes to the attractiveness of the region, hellolille offers you a shared brand code, a tool to symbolize rallying and unity, the region's banner, to speak with a single voice.

Whether you're a native inhabitant of Lille or a Lillois at heart, whether you live in the metropolis or are an expatriate living all over the world, become a hellolille ambassador and help the Lille metropolis shine in France and abroad.

The number 1 consumer market

in Europe.

80 company headquarters

of more than 500 employees.

1st concentration

of international headquarters.

350 companies

with more than 2,000 employees

4th industrial region

from France.

280,157 M2 of office space

marketed (2018 figures)

2nd university pole


532 million invested

in 2018 in professional real estate

115,000 students

66,026 companies

7 sites of excellence
to go higher and higher, further and further.

EuraTechnologies, Eurasanté, Euralille, Haute Borne, Plaine Images, CETI, Euralimentaire... Behind these names lies an unprecedented concentration of talent, jobs and ambition. In these start-up incubators are growing the cutting-edge companies that will carry the region's colors in the future. The metropolis has also been awarded the French Tech label, an important recognition of its unwavering commitment to the digital, healthcare, technical materials and innovative textiles sectors.

Training: the real thing wealth of the territory.

The Lille metropolis is above all a student city! With 115,000 students, more than 30 Grandes Ecoles and 70 research laboratories, it has an international vocation and high ambitions. The goal: to become one of the top 50 European universities in less than 10 years. This ambition is supported by innovative teaching methods and a real logic of excellence.

Welcome to Lille!

You're moving to Lille. Welcome! With the newcomer's guide, prepare your installation by getting all the advice and useful addresses to find accommodation, be accompanied in your installation and discover the activities and associative life of the metropolis. This guide also gives you valuable information on how to find a crèche, an international school or anything else that can help make your settlement the start of a great adventure! Download the Newcomers' Guide for free!

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