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If your business contributes to the attractiveness of the region, hellolille offers you a shared brand code, a tool to symbolize rallying and unity, the region's banner, to speak with a single voice.

Whether you're a native inhabitant of Lille or a Lillois at heart, whether you live in the metropolis or are an expatriate living all over the world, become a hellolille ambassador and help the Lille metropolis shine in France and abroad.

Ambassador's evening - Hello Lille & Laurent Javoy

Hellolille is the region's new brand! It's an invitation to come and visit the metropolis, invest in it or set up a business here. All with a smile!

With pleasure! The hellolille brand is designed to be shared by all those involved in promoting the metropolis.

Hellolille lets you take advantage of the attractiveness of the metropolis and showcase your commitment! And beyond image, hellolille helps you convince your customers and partners, promote your environment and lifestyles, recruit, promote your products...

Simply send a description of your business or project to The agency will contact you and authorize you to use the trademark on your products, communication materials, etc.

Download the brand kit!

It's up to you: the brand kit includes logos, videos, presentation texts and the rules you need to follow to put the same smile on your face everywhere... And the same enthusiasm!

The logos

Texts presenting the metropolis in French and English

Hello Lille presentation videos

The ambassador network

The hellolille agency is counting on you to make the metropolis known beyond its borders... Or France's! Are you a tourism professional, retailer, business, cultural or sporting institution? Do you welcome visitors to the metropolis, or play a part in its academic commitment? Become an ambassador for the metropolis!

Your mission will be to raise awareness of the Lille metropolitan area and encourage talented, curious people, students, companies and travelers to discover and settle here.

Above all, you'll enjoy an even more intimate relationship with the region, through numerous meetings, events and visits that will develop your network while spreading the values that unite us. Get started! Have a question? An opportunity you'd like to share with us? Contact us at

Your missions I'm committed to

Your missions

Promoting awareness and love

Lille Metropole

How to get here

tourists, talents, students, events, investors and businesses by detecting any opportunity likely to benefit the region.

Growing up

the network by recruiting new ambassadors

Your benefits

Join the only network that federates the region in all its dimensions, anchor yourself in the region

Boost your appeal by embracing the region's values

Get privileged information on current events in the metropolis

Strengthen your business network in all sectors

Be invited to events and site visits

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