Visit Lille and the metropolis, for a romantic getaway, with the kids or with friends...

There’s always something to do in Lille and the metropolis. Family outings or on your own, Lille has a variety of tourist activities and ideas for walks. For a Sunday outing or during the week, come and discover the museums or visit local breweries, get some fresh air in one of the parks or go for a dip in one of the swimming pools, the Lille metropolis has so much to offer. Find an outing to suit everyone !

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10 (very) good reasons to come to Lille.

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All roads lead to Lille... And all reasons are good to stay there! Served by numerous means of transport, the city offers "Lilleers for a day or a week" many ideas for accommodation, food, travel, entertainment and pleasure! Starred hotels or a night of partying under the stars: the Lille metropolis has your imagination as its only limit, and a heart "this big" to welcome you!

Getting around

There's so much to see and do in the Lille metropolis... Luckily there's Ilevia. The metropolis is so well served that no place is more than 500 meters from a stop or station. If you add the carpooling service and transportation by reservation, you really don't need a car to enjoy the city!


From 5-star palaces to small rooms in private homes, the metropolis offers a thousand solutions to enjoy the softness of its houses and the view through its windows.

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