Today we visit... Nature! The open-air museum offers a country stroll among 23 buildings that offer young and old alike a trip to the heart of the farm of yesteryear and craft activities. Meet the animals, walk in the gardens and orchards, breathe in the fragrances of the vegetable garden and learn about pottery... Here everything is possible! And in a "life-size" setting, you can learn how to feed animals, make jam, ride a pony or applaud artists! The program changes every weekend: all the more reason to visit this little corner of paradise several times, just a stone's throw from the city! Good to know: the estaminet "Le Bet'leu" welcomes you during museum opening hours to rediscover a rustic and traditional cuisine!

Practical info

143 rue Colbert
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq

Information and reservations: 03 59 00 24 75

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