About us

Driven by the love of his profession and his incessant
desire to innovate and above all, to create, our team of
chefs takes real pleasure in adapting to the theme of
each event, from the wisest to the craziest. Concerned
about the quality and freshness of our creations and, at the same time very involved in any action favorable to
the environment, we work mainly with local producers
and artisans.
Our cooks, having long grown accustomed to being in
the shadows, are excited today to have the spotlight
on them in their culinary demonstrations, and take a
genuine pleasure in sharing with the world their skill,
their adroitness, and, quite simply, their passion.
Finally, as our profession is one of teamwork, our maître
d’s and waitstaff are trained to ensure that the products
coming out of our kitchen be presented impeccably,
and to tend to the comfort of the invitees with both
courtesy and delight. In so doing, they remain steadfast
and loyal to the spirit of our enterprise and to the
common thread that drives us: the total satisfaction
of our clients



Practical information

57, rue de Pérenchies
+33 (0)3 20 02 78 47
Contact : Alexandre Deroo
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