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Led by Chef Emmanuel Thomaere, our team of cooks is capable of handling all kinds of requests and will gladly adapt to the theme of your event, regardless of its nature. While attentive to culinary art tradition, we also strive to reinvent ourselves regularly so as to adapt to the “spirit of the times” and to continue to surprise, all the while taking care to maintain utmost quality in our productions.
To this end, we opt largely for fresh produce and let our créations evolve with the seasons, working closely with the producers and artisans of our region.
Our cooks, having long grown accustomed to being in the shadows, are excited today to have the spotlight on them in their culinary demonstrations, and take a genuine pleasure in sharing with the world their skill, their adroitness, and, quite simply, their passion.
Finally, as our profession is one of teamwork, our maître d’s and waitstaff are trained to ensure that the products coming out of our kitchen be presented impeccably, and to tend to the comfort of the invitees with both courtesy and delight. In so doing, they remain steadfast and loyal to the spirit of our enterprise and to the common thread that drives us: the total satisfaction of our clients.



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