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Towards a healthy diet thanks to fruits and vegetables juices and smoothies.

Discover or rediscover the benefits of fruits and vegetables on your body and your health thanks to Oscar&Céleste juices and smoothies.

To do this, I suggest three offers :

Custom-made conferences, in video or in your premises, including if necessary, a surprise tasting. I focus my conferences according to your wishes or needs. For example, we can tackle themes around sport and recovery, beauty of the skin, hair and nails, energy boost for the day, balanced breakfast, seasonal recipes to the needs of your body.
Leave the conference with your first recipes to make yourself!

Tasting workshops for fun and educational events.

The juice bar for all your events

Oscar&Céleste recipes are seasonal, cold-pressed and combine health and pleasure. They have been developed with the help of a dietician to find the perfect organoleptic balance.

Dive into the colorful world of Oscar&Céleste juices and smoothies!



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