About us

For over the past one hundred years, Yanka has been
unyielding in its passionate dedication to bespoke
gastronomy Mastery, creative stimulation and culinary
research are at the heart of our dedication, bringing
our enthusiasm and expertise to your special occasion.
Sustainability is essential to our core values. Recycling
is fundamental to our principles.
At Yanka, we strive to achieve excellence using seasonal
ingredients locally sourced from independent suppliers,
creating stylish, sustainable and delicious meals that
can be enjoyed by all.
Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner, a corporate
gala or sumptuous wedding, we’ll bring our creativity and
expertise to your occasion with a sense of sophistication
and elegance. Our focus on luxury, artisan and local
sourcing sets our kitchen and event team apart.



Practical information

29 Victor Tilmant Street
+33 (0)3 28 55 39 55
Contact : Pierrick Descamps
Person in charge :Matthieu Croquette
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