About us

We love talking about Lille and the metropolis...how about we talk about us? HelloLille tells you about its organisation and missions...and about how much it wants to share everything with you !

Created on 26 February 2019 during its constitutive General Meeting, the attractiveness agency Hello Lille is an association administered by a board of 15 members maximum, 7 of whom are elected members of the European Metropolis of Lille, a representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the Hauts-de-France region and a representative appointed by Entreprises et cités, founding members and members representing the tourist, business, sporting and cultural sectors...

#hello team

Agile, operational, in love with its territory and at your side to promote our destination in France and abroad.

#hello instances

The governance of the Hello Lille attractiveness agency mobilized on a daily basis to win Lille and its metropolis.

Our missions


Tourist trade and particularly business tourism


Applications for major events, participate in their organisation and promotion and measure the results in order to improve the impact on the whole metropolitan region.

Find new prospects

All types of investors who may be interested in the opportunities that the metropolis has to offer, especially in property development.

Facilitate and deploy

The "Hello Lille" brand, and to carry out all useful actions for territorial marketing in France and internationally, a vector of attractiveness in support of actions aimed at the economic and tourist development of the metropolis.

Our founding members

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